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View Some Photos, Art and Memes!

Rx Only PICTURESHOW was started--one week after April Fools Day in 2018--When S.B. Alger & his good friend JEM decided to produce a weekly variety and conspiracy live-stream.

S.B. had "debated Flat Earth", the week before on Andy Warski's youtube channel, and both S.B. and JEM agreed that they'd "Caught the Livestream Bug" and needed to have a show of their own.

Below you'll find a few pictures, some art, and some memes.

Eventually these spaces will be filled with 'Best Of Clips', 'Favorite Shows' and other cool stuff that's related to the PICTURESHOW experience.

We've Got Too Many Logos!

...and it would really be better if we just decided on one or two.
Maybe We'll have a contest--S.B. vs JEM--and let the audience decide which logo wins!

The Spaghet Photo Shoot!

Only a few photos survived the Spaghet Photo Shoot, and this is the only one that's been published!

Were we eating spaghetti with our bare hands and using our smart phones to take pictures? Yes. Yes we were.

Trump Watches Rx Only PICTURESHOW!

While he's not the most popular President in the last few decades, we do appreciate the ole "Orange Cheetoo Pussy Grabber" tuning in on Wednesdays for the weekly live-stream.

...but he never tweets out the link or comments!?

We understand keeping a low profile--but--he could at least have Qanon give us a push on the chan boards!

JEM is a Professional Sculptor!

He's sitting here with a bust of ole Trumpy that he sculpted LIVE during Episode #33 of PICTURESHOW!

We do streams with live art and usually we have someone read aloud. It was our dearly departed friend, Tracy Twyman , reading while we painted and sculpted that week.

We've been called the Weirdest Stream on YOUTUBE!

Please join us for weekly variety, interviews with well known internet personalities, art, music, juggling, yo-yo and more!
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This totally looks like one of those spots where sneaky businesses put all their disclaimers and add explanations for the hidden asterisks, exclusions to their offers, references to things they had to add because they're lawyers told them they couldn't put it up without the disclaimers and protections against liabilty and all that.

Well we don't have none of that stuff! (Not yet anyway...) We're just two guys who work full time--love art and entertainment--and decided on a whim to produce a fun variety show. It's been more than a year now--and--we've had a lot of fun. We've had some tragedy and hard times, but we're pushing forward and we'd love for you to join us as we hopefully expand onto more platforms and increase our reach and improve our production values across the board.

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